High School Internships: Opening Doors To Bright Futures

Cole Rabuse, a senior at Cleveland High school, is currently serving as a state government intern with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in the Safety and Risk Management Division. Cole began his work-based learning experience with the NCDOT in the Spring of 2023 while enrolled in CvHS CTE Internship. Cole entered his internship with several important industry-recognized credentials thanks to the successful completion of Drone Technology I and II. He earned his Federal Aviation Administration TRUST Certificate, Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Certificate, Commercial Remote Pilot License, NCDOT Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operator’s Permit, NFPA 2400 Unmanned Aircraft in Public Safety, and Environmental Systems Research Institute ArcGIS Drone 2 Maps Certification.

Cole has excelled at his internship. In fact, he was able to continue his temporary internship through the summer of 2023 and will celebrate his first work anniversary in February 2024. Cole is a hard worker that has found a passion for his work with NCDOT. The support of high school Career and Technical Education courses as well as career readiness opportunities provided by CvHS Career Development and NCDOT will ensure his continued success both academically and professionally.

To learn more about CTE Internships, please visit your school’s Career Development Coordinator or School Counselor.

View the YouTube Video highlight of Cole and his NCDOT experience here.