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Equine Science

Equine science is generally the study of horses and their care. The equine science industry includes a diverse list of potential careers, including options in the fields of medicine, tourism and breeding. Careers in equine science span a variety of fields and the amount of education required for a job depends on the position and industry. Many careers are open to students of equine science, including veterinary medicine, animal breeding and animal training.



Begin Your Journey

Equine Science I

This course focuses on the basic scientific principles and processes related to equine physiology, breeding, nutrition, and care in preparation for a career in the equine industry.

Equine Science II

The course focuses on more advanced applications of feeding, breeding, and management-practices involved in the horse industry. English language arts, mathematics, and science are reinforced.

Get Certified

Equine Management and Evaluation Certification

The National Horse Judging Team Coaches’ Association (NHJTCA) Equine Management & Evaluation Certification verifies individuals are prepared to pursue a career in the fields of equine evaluation, management and production.