Exploring Business

Explore business skills and techniques, basic economics, how to make business decisions, and the attitudes necessary to succeed and compete in the global world of business. Through real-world projects and activities, learn to use computers and data to achieve business goals and tasks.

Explore Occupations

Course Sequence

Keyboarding and Basic Word Processing

Students develop keyboarding skills, keyboard layout, and keyboarding proficiency.  Students also learn to use word processing software, spreadsheet basics, multimedia design and responsible computer usage.

Grade 6

Introduction to Office Productivity

Students explore computer operations, using technology as a tool to create, problem solve, plus collaborate with others.  Students explore computing basics, Spreadsheet basics, presentation basics, multimedia design and responsible computer usage.

Grade 7

Exploring Business and Entrepreneurship

Students learn the principles of business and the concepts of becoming an entrepreneur.  Students learn the procedures and requirements for starting and running a business.

Grade 8