Food Science and Technology

Think about all of the products that fill the shelves at your grocery store. Behind each of those products is a food scientist- from product development to flavoring chemists to safe and effective packaging to inspectors and quality control. Blend your interests in food and nutrition, science and technology, and marketing in this hands-on/minds-on pathway

Begin Your Journey

Food and Nutrition I

Dive into the nutritional needs of individuals by focusing on fundamentals of home cooking skills, kitchen and meal management, food groups and their preparation, and time and resource management.

Food and Nutrition II

Discover the intersection of nutrition science and food preparation, while building skills for an expanding range of career opportunities. While focusing on health and social responsibility, you will learn how to manage food safety; plan and prepare meals for a variety of consumers and clients; and explore the food system and global cuisines.

Food Science and Technology

Explore the food industry from the farm to the table as you consider government regulations, product development trends, biotechnology through engaging activities, labs, and projects. Dive deeper into food production, processing, preparation, preservation, and packaging. 

Get Certified

ANSI-Accredited Food Handler Certificate

Addresses the basics of food safety for cooks, servers, cashiers, and other workers who handle food in an operation.

ANSI-Accredited Food Protection Manager Certification

Meeting the regulatory requirements for restaurants and foodservice operation, this certification will prepare you to implement scientifically-based food safety practices and create a culture of food safety.

Pre-PAC Food Science Fundamentals

Validate knowledge and skills for early career ladder positions in food science, food safety, food quality, food technology, or food preservation and packaging.

Expand Your Journey

Found your passion? These courses relate to this career pathway and may align to your career and college goals. Find out which of these may be available at your school and consider adding them to your Course Plan in Xello.

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Browse enhancement courses:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Biology
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science
  • Marketing

Earn College Credit

Get a head start on your college education by taking advantage of dual credit opportunities. There are CTE courses that can articulate to the community college, meaning they will award college credit. Also, the Career & College Promise (CCP) program allows eligible high school students to enroll in community college classes.

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Articulated Credits

  • CUL‐150 Food Science
  • CUL‐150A Food Science Lab


Careers focused on planning, managing and providing scientific research and professional and technical services (e.g., physical science, social science, engineering) including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services.

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